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About us

Beautiful women are born every day. We are providing these woman ‘from menarche to menopause’ with education and a wide range of stylish/ feel good products, to allow an entire generation of women to bloom to their full potential.

Let’s make all women blossom!

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The idea of Filo was born more than 35 years ago.

Jess and Paulien, best friends then and still now, had large dreams about starting their own company when they grew up.
When Paulien gave birth to Kim at the age of 19, the two of them together with little Kim were inseparable and already formed a team so the foundation was already formed almost 30 years ago.

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In the summer of 2021, Kim asked her mother and Jess how they saw their future.

At that time, both Jess and Paulien were working for large international companies, and by now had the necessary work- and life experience. Kim was working at a large international company at the time and had a lot of experience with startups. They brainstormed about the ideas they had when they were younger and what was still feasible in this time. Kim also became enthusiastic and urged them to take a life changing step, quit their jobs and start their own business and make that difference….and that is when Filo was born!

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A company born from a desire to make a difference.

At that moment they decided to put focus on women and make them grow to their full potential. Their goal is to improve knowledge and experience about intimate subjects, normalizing the female body and accepting its pleasure as a general health need for which they offer a wide range of education and products like accessible and stylish pleasure tools, cosmetics and other feel good items.

Their experience, patience, knowledge, friendship and necessary support has made their dreams come true.
Beautiful, sweet and sometimes sad stories are shared with them and they realized that it is still necessary to talk about female intimacy but at the same time they also realize that there is so much more to learn. And the hope they can build a community of women that will share, listen and help each other.

Meet our Filo team!

You can reach a lot on your own, but so much more when you’re together. A team full of passionate specialists that keep themselves busy every day to reach the top and even further for Filo. Team Filo is here for you, share your story and feel free to ask a question, we’d love to listen to you.

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