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Filo Foundation

In the Netherlands alone there are almost 9 million women, women like you and me. Women who are all confronted with their sexuality, their femininity and their body at some point in their life. By nature, every woman is unique, a wonderful creature with unprecedented possibilities, but what do we know about it and above all, what do we do with it?

At Filo we believe that knowledge about the female body is important. Especially for girls who transform into women. Their lives are already turned upside down when puberty starts. That is why we create educational programs in collaboration with doctors, psychologists, gynecologists, sexologists, teachers and mothers. It is important for every woman to know who she is and how the prime of her life might unfold. Filo is, as it were, the friend to whom you can ask anything, but who also guides you through the wonderful world of the female body.

That's why we invest every cent that is donated to us to this cause which not only means developing educational programs but also investing in fundamental and clinical research by renowned professionals. Our goal; to make every woman in the world aware of her body and its wonderful possibilities with self-compassion as a result.