5 tips for intimacy in the caravan.

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5 tips for intimacy in the caravan.

Research shows that 74% of the Dutch have more sex on holiday. This percentage is even higher among people who go on holiday with a caravan. The latter is quite an achievement, with cramped beds, an indoor temperature that is higher than a sauna and furniture that squeaks and creaks when you just look at it. Despite that, we are also part of that 74%. The holidays are the ideal time to spend extra time on romance and intimacy with each other.

Thinking of exciting and romantic activities for your holiday is fun, but let's face it, a tent or caravan is not always the most ideal place for intimacy. Small beds and thin walls in mobile homes, air mattresses in tents, passersby right by your tent, children lying next to you with only a thin piece of tarpaulin between them, and if that wasn't enough, the scorching heat. Given these circumstances, it is actually quite an achievement that the percentage of 74% is achieved.

5 Tips:

  1. Create an intimate atmosphere: Turn the limited space in the caravan into a cozy and intimate environment. Decorate the room with soft lighting, candles (battery-operated and take shadows into account) or other romantic decorations. Provide comfortable pillows and blankets to make the setting inviting.
  2. Bring a fan for those hot sticky nights. On the other hand, summer temperatures are also a nice bonus if you don't have to hide under the covers because of the cold.
  3. Bring a music box so that your camping neighbors do not hear you ; )
  4. Communication and Understanding: Intimacy is not only about physical closeness, but also about emotional connection. Take the time to talk to each other, share each other's feelings and desires, and understand each other. Actively listen to each other and be open and respectful in your communication. By building a strong emotional connection, you strengthen intimacy, even in the limited space of a caravan.
  5. Think of something new you would like to try. There is plenty of time for that on vacation. Don't you have any inspiration yourself? Then take a look at our shop. Our beautifully designed pleasure tools or matching accessories are an asset for some extra tension in the relationship.