Happy Throne

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Happy Throne

A few weeks ago I was lying on the chair at Margo van Esteworld, for my periodic Scarlet treatment. I've been doing this for a while now and I really like it. While we were chatting about all kinds of things, including our new company Filo and our mission came up. An important part of this mission is to let women discover their own body, in all facets and to make taboos around intimacy a subject for discussion. Margo told me about the Emsella chair, also called Happy Throne. In the treatments on this chair, the muscles of the pelvic floor are trained by magnetic pulsations, which can provide a number of benefits; a reduction in incontinence (caused by pregnancy, for example), stress, the menopause and an improved sexual experience (due to tightening).

And since we are talking about a (too) often not discussed topic, I will also confess something. After having three fantastic girls and recently hitting fifty, jumping on a trampoline is becoming a challenge. And unexpected sneezes also occasionally cause an annoying moment. My complaints in combination with the amount of stress I've been experiencing lately, made me very curious about this treatment. Since I'm not getting any younger and this problem gets worse with age, I felt like the perfect candidate to test the Happy Throne for Filo (and of course I found the improvement in sexual experiences very intriguing as well). So I enthusiastically shouted to Margo: "if you have the chair available, you have to text me".

When I received the message that the chair was available, I immediately scheduled an appointment. I arrived in a sporty outfit (tight but not too thick sports pants, as advised). During the treatment you need to have an active sitting position and you can relax for 28 minutes. Your phone is not allowed, but time flies with a nice magazine or music in the background. I was satisfied with the treatment. The first time really took some getting used to, especially when you feel the pulsations change in rhythm and/or severity.

After my third treatment, I caught a serious flu. Lots of coughs and sneezes, but I got through it fine without an annoying moment after sneezing. I am only halfway through the recommended amount of treatments, but I dare to say that before this I experienced the flu (and especially the sneezing) very differently! After overcoming the flu, I put myself to the test by going jumping on the trampoline with my daughter and that went flawlessly. In the Netherlands little is known about this treatment, so when I googled about the 'Emsella chair' I mainly found stories from American women. The chair was therefore developed by an American gynecologist and received FDA approval in 2018.

I am very excited and happy that I did these treatments. Based on my experience, I recommend it to every woman. The price may make it inconvenient for some to undergo these treatments. I hope that through more treatments, studies and results, insurers will add this to the care package. I can only say that I am very satisfied with the result and hope that by sharing my story more women will do the same! There are of course more solutions for this problem, but I can't test them now. Do you share your story/experience on our Facebook community Blossom Talk? How nice would it be if we could help each other through this. 

If you want to try it yourself, we have a nice discount offer (€ 100 discount) together with Esteworld, with the code Filo and we hope that you will also share your experiences with us on our Facebook group. Click here to go to our Facebook group.