Introduction Santine

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Introduction Santine

At a time when stigma and shame still surround sexuality, it is critical that women have access to safe and supportive places to learn, grow and continue to develop. Luckily, we have an expert on our side who is priceless to Filo, who offers women this opportunity. Expert Santine, a biologist and sexologist who shares her knowledge and expertise and is the medical translation for Filo. There is no better combination. 


Santine – after completing her master’s degree in ‘Medical Biology’, Santine worked in secondary education as a biology teacher and headmistress for a long time. While working in secondary education, she encountered many issues related to sexuality. She received many question that often went beyond biology education. Because of her expertise and interest, she was often confronted with problems related to sexuality among young people. Think of students with ordinary questions that should be normal to ask or even complex problems. Eventually, she set up a consultation hour where students had the opportunity to ask all their personal questions, with the aim of contributing to better and positive sexual education for this generation of young people. In order to give even more attention to discussing sexuality, she has started to focus on sexual health and completed the training ‘Consultant Sexual Health NVVS’. She now helps clients with various problems related to sexual health and provides information and training. 


Within Filo she will focus on interesting topics related to sexuality in the Blossom Talk Podcast, she will answer questions related to sexuality and she will participate in the development of Filo. Filo offers women a safe and supportive environment to develop and express themselves and to share their experiences. Santine her knowledge and expertise empowers women to enhance their sexuality, personal development and share experiences.    


A podcast will be released on March 2, 2023 with our special guest Santine, with the subject ‘sexual discovery’. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about your sexuality and personal development  and stay up to date with the latest developments. In addition, a new Filo tool will be launched in May 2023 that is created in collaboration with Santine and other experts. Santine has shared her expertise and knowledge in the field of sexuality to develop this tool. She has shared her insights to make the tool as effective and valuable as possible for women. Stay tuned!