Good night? A solid lovemaking is the answer!

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Good night? A solid lovemaking is the answer!
A good night's sleep is important for your health and your mood. But it may not always work right away. Fortunately, there's a simple solution to that problem - and it might just be right next to you in bed.

A game of sex before going to sleep is a great remedy for sleeping problems! After a long and tiring day, you may not always be eager to get under the sheets for a while. Rather, you look forward to a wonderful undisturbed night's sleep - and as soon as possible. But if that does not work immediately, we advise you to reconsider.
Sex is quickly forgotten in our busy lives and we are preoccupied with everything leading up to the night except what can actually help you. Research by Psychologie Magazine shows that one in five Dutch people has not had sex at all in the past six months, and one in twenty of people in a relationship. The main reason for couples losing interest in sex is that partners are often 'too tired'. Being constantly busy apparently takes its toll.

Of course you want to avoid getting a sex burnout, because you are always too tired to take action. And let's be honest: it doesn't have to take much longer than twenty minutes. You both have fun and also do something good for your night's sleep, because sleep and sex stimulate each other positively. Floris Wouterson, sleep coach and author of the book 'Super Slapen', explains this to us.

After an orgasm, we fall asleep faster, more relaxed and happier. There's nothing more beautiful than that, right?

“Serotonin is released through a strong intercourse before going to sleep,” says Wouterson. “This is a neurotransmitter that determines your mood. It makes you happy and that is why serotonin is also called the happiness hormone. Serotonin improves your sleep quality, as this hormone helps you relieve anxiety and relax.”

In addition to serotonin, another hormone is released during sex: oxytocin. “We also call oxytocin the 'feel-good hormone'. This ensures that there is less room for negative thoughts in your busy head that can keep you awake.”

Where women like to chat or cuddle after the act, men usually fall asleep like a log. Women, don't blame him because he can't help it. This reaction is caused by the hormone prolactin, says Wouterson. This is released in the man during sex and promotes that much needed sleep. In women, the production of oxytocin is greater, which explains why they still want to cuddle.

So if you have trouble falling asleep again tonight, you know what to do. Making love is the medicine for a good and healthy night's sleep. By the way, even if you make it a unilateral, if you don't have a partner at hand. There are worse things in the world, right?

Source: RTL News