Meet Lara from @intimilara

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I am Lara @intimilara, a positive and cheerful woman who would like to briefly introduce herself.

As an independent expert in sexuality, relationships, and intimacy, I'm passionate about tackling sometimes 'difficult' topics.

On Intimilara, I provide reliable medical information and insights to assist you on your journey to a healthy sexual development, even when it comes to challenging questions. I want everyone to be able to have a positive sexual relationship with themselves as well as with others. Have inquiries? Feel free to ask; I'm here to answer them and engage in candid discussions.

Together with My Own Filo, we're working on our mission to reach out to women who may need help with 'difficult' sexual issues.

My mission? Breaking taboos and promoting accurate knowledge. Together, we can reduce the stigma and insecurities surrounding sexuality and intimacy.

Let's collaborate to build a healthier and happier life in the realm of sexuality and relationships.

 Love, Lara