Introduction Doctor Tom

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Introduction Doctor Tom

When a doctor who studies sexology, candidly shares that he is concerned about the lack of information and taboos that exist in this field, then you realize that what we are doing now is so necessary. 

That's why we're so grateful that this doctor shares his knowledge with Filo, helping us complete our mission. 

In recent years, Doctor Tom - as he is called - has mainly focused on medicine inside and outside the hospital, both at home and abroad. One of his subjects is sexology. 

Within Filo, he helps us develop fine tools that are applied to the female body. In addition, we can always contact him for questions about sexuality and how the body works. 

We feel strong because of the collaboration with Dr. Tom. For us he is the medical translation, an accessible and sympathetic man. We learn a little more from him every time. 

We can't wait to share Dr. Tom's knowledge with you. Dr. Tom shared with us the top 3 questions most often asked by women about intimacy, which questions do you think these are?