That's what friends are for

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That's what friends are for

My mouth fell open, “she was my best friend and I didn't know this” said Hanneke. Jeltje (59) and Hanneke (60) have been friends since time immemorial, and have shared joys and sorrows. She grew up in Twello as two wild teenagers, both cheeks blush when they recall the stories of the past.

Jeltje has been a widow for 4 years, her husband died of bladder cancer. Jeltje and her husband had a loving relationship, but they hadn't had intercourse for a long time. Heino's husband already had erection problems at a young age, for Jeltje that was never a problem, Heino had a hard time with it. “We didn't try anything else, Heino didn't want that,” says Jeltje.

Hanneke never knew, saw a perfect couple in Heino and Jeltje. “We just never talked about that,” says Hanneke.

The friends are now past the shame. “It was a rainy night in November, old photos and some glasses of wine did the rest,” says Jeltje with a smile. The urge was so great with Jeltje that she had to tell someone, she trusted Hanneke through and through, she dared to tell her story to her. “We cried and laughed together” so bizarre that we never discussed this together, says Hanneke. We have just a little too much wine on direct help on all kinds of sites. Sextoy and sex toys… we howled with laughter says Jeltje. A world opened up for the ladies, unbelievable. Eventually the site of My Own Filo came out.

This appealed to us, says Jeltje. Honest stories and beautiful products, but above all fellow sufferers. It is nice that we can share our story and that a medical team could advise us. “So nice that I could share this with my girlfriend says Jeltje, well that's what friends are for”

The ladies have both purchased a Sunflower from My Own Filo.

All names have been changed upon request. Nevertheless, both friends think it's important to share their story in the hope of inspiring others.