The Anemone - A present from my bff

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The Anemone - A present from my bff

My name is Daantje and I’m 18 years old. My BFF Rachel and I have known each other since kindergarten. We follow the same dance classes, go on holidays together and we live in the same street. Rachel is a bit tougher than I am. She’s kind of ahead of me, in multiple things. Because her parents are divorced I sometimes think she can discuss sexuality more freely with her mother than I can with mine. My best friend lost her virginity at 14. We were having a movie night at her home when her mom was away for the night. We invited two of our friends, boys to be more specific, and well I guess you can fill in what happened next for her.


I’m still a virgin…..

Last week she got me a gift for my 18th birthday, well actually it was two things; a mirror and a vibrator by Filo. At first I was flabbergasted by it, she knows I don’t do that type of stuff yet, I still think it’s sort of scary. When  I came home I took another look at the gifts she got me and I was tempted to try them. When I used the vibrator, it felt ticklish, sort of but also kind of good. I saw my mirror and decided to have a look, you know, down there… well it was different than I expected but it feels good to know. It made me feel more confident to get to know my body in that way, so when I have sex for the first time I won’t be so insecure about my body. When I spoke to my BFF again she told me that she has an orgasm when she uses the vibrator, I haven’t experienced it yet. Lucky for me I’m not in a hurry, I just think I’m going to keep on exploring my body this way, my orgasm will come when I’m ready.