The Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist: What You Need to Know

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The Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist: What You Need to Know

Pelvic issues can significantly impact your quality of life, but fortunately, there's a specialist who can assist: the pelvic floor physiotherapist. In this blog, we'll delve into who they are, what they do, and when you should consider seeing them.

Who is a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist?

A pelvic floor physiotherapist specializes in treating issues in the pelvic area, including the pelvic floor, muscles, joints, and organs. These professionals undergo additional training to excel in this specific field.

What Can Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists Do and Not Do?

Pelvic floor physiotherapists are authorized to conduct various examinations and offer treatments, such as:

  1. Internal Examination: Yes, with the patient's consent, pelvic floor physiotherapists can conduct internal examinations to assess pelvic floor function.

  2. Providing Treatment: They can offer various treatments, including exercise therapy, manual therapy, and biofeedback.

  3. Offering Advice: Pelvic floor physiotherapists provide advice on lifestyle, posture, and exercises to reduce pelvic issues.

What they aren't allowed to do is prescribe medication or perform surgical procedures.

When Should You Visit a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist?

Consider seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist if you experience:

  • Incontinence issues.
  • Pelvic pain.
  • Problems with bowel movements.
  • Pelvic pain during or after pregnancy.
  • Sexual dysfunctions related to pelvic floor problems.

Referral and Accessibility:

In many cases, you can directly make an appointment without a referral from a general practitioner. However, be aware of the rules set by health insurance providers and national regulations.

Level of Expertise:

Choose a registered pelvic floor physiotherapist who is a member of relevant professional associations. Inquire about their experience and ongoing education.

Registration and Internal Examinations:

Not all physiotherapists are authorized to perform internal examinations. Only registered pelvic floor physiotherapists have the competence, always with the patient's explicit consent. Check registrations with professional associations for confidence in their professionalism and ethics.

Opt for a recognized pelvic floor physiotherapist for a professional approach to your health issues and effective treatment of pelvic floor issues.