The transition

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The transition

Every woman between the ages of 45 and 55 goes through a major change in her life. This period is called menopause and is associated with a gradual loss of fertility. During this period, ladies experience a series of unpleasant discomforts, which take on varying degrees of severity.

Symptoms of menopause include headaches, hot flashes, dry skin, hair loss, bladder problems, increased susceptibility of bones to fractures, night sweats, dizziness, memory decline and even depressive states. Just reading such a list would make you want to stay young forever. Yet there is no cause for alarm. Yes, if you get complaints, they can be experienced as very unpleasant. But there are always options how to deal with this. Of course it is good to discuss complaints or possible complaints with your doctor. But it is highly recommended to investigate which natural ways are to get through the transition as well as possible. There are many websites where you can obtain information and, above all, many stories from fellow sufferers. After all, the menopause is experienced differently by every woman. Break any taboos and don't keep walking around with it.

Listening ear
Ask for help if you need it because, as said, there are certainly solutions, you are not alone. If you need a listening ear, we at My Own Filo are also there for you, you are certainly not alone.