Difference in vibrators

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Difference in vibrators

In this article we will specifically look at some vibrators that can help solve the problem of no sex in a relationship, such as the Rose vibrator, Tarzan vibrator, Magic wand vibrator, Air pressure vibrator, Clit vibrator and the Satisfyer.

The lack of sexual activity in a relationship can lead to feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction and stress. Sex is an important form of intimacy between partners and can help strengthen the emotional bond. It can also reduce stress, release endorphins and promote well-being.

A Rose vibrator

A Rose vibrator is a popular sex toy that can provide both intravaginal and clitoral pleasure. This vibrator has an attractive shape and is designed to stimulate the sensitive areas of the female body. It can be used by both partners to increase sexual desire and pleasure.


Tarzan vibrator

Another option is the Tarzan vibrator. This toy is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. It has multiple speeds and vibration modes to suit each couple's individual needs and preferences. Using a Tarzan vibrator can revive the passion in the relationship and add pleasure.

The Magic wand vibrator

The Magic wand vibrator is a more powerful option that is mainly used for external stimulation. This toy can help increase sexual arousal and improve clitoral sensitivity. It can be a great addition to foreplay or even during sexual activity.


Air pressure vibrator

An air pressure vibrator, also known as a clitoral stimulator, mimics the sensation of oral stimulation through pulsating air pressure waves. This toy can help achieve strong orgasms and can be a great alternative option when sexual activity is not taking place.


Clit vibrator

A clit vibrator is specially designed for clitoral stimulation. This small and discreet toy can be used during intercourse to provide extra stimulation. It can help build sexual tension and increase pleasure.



A Satisfyer is a combination of an air pressure vibrator and clit vibrator that provides intense stimulation. This toy can increase sexual satisfaction and promote the desire for sexual interaction within the relationship.

Using vibrators can be a healthy and safe way to maintain sexual desire and pleasure in a relationship when sex is not possible. It is important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your needs and desires. By looking for solutions together, vibrators can be a valuable addition to a couple's sex life. A nice vibrator to start with is our Lupine vibrator.