More sex on a holiday!

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More sex on a holiday!
More sex on a holiday!

Going on holiday and having (more) sex is almost self-evident. This is the conclusion of an international survey by dating site C-Date. Especially young people who are already sexually active see the holiday period as an excellent opportunity to have more sex.

Nearly a third of young holidaymakers look for “casual sex” during their trip.

21 percent of women and 41 percent of men go on vacation to have casual sex. People under the age of thirty are most likely to go on holiday for casual sex: 51.6 percent of younger men and 32.3 percent of younger women.

But couples also expect more sex during their holiday with their partner, even 62%. The main reason is that more time can be taken for each other, most stress factors such as household issues and work have been removed during the holidays. Often the location and the beautiful weather also play an important role in arousing the desire for sex. Yet some couples are also disappointed, because there is not always a higher frequency.

We also hear that many couples want to try something different during the holidays. For example, using a tool can be one of those options. The Sunflower vibrator is not considered intimidating and is preferred by many men.

So you see what a holiday can be good for. Let the sun come!