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Your trusted companion for pelvic floor wellness

My Own Filo, the friendly innovator in female wellness, welcomes ju to our place infused with care and attention for your pelvic floor. We look forward to joining you on your journey to greater comfort, ease and a renewed connection to your well-being. The pelvic floor is crucial and using specific tools, such as those from My Own Filo, can complement traditional exercises. Here are some ways different tools from My Own Filo can be used for pelvic floor wellness.

1. Sunflower:

Designed for external use, the Sunflower has a vibrating ring that can stimulate the vulva. If desired, the opening of the Sunflower can be slid onto the clitoris for targeted clitoral stimulation. With pulsating vibrations and a clitoral suction function, the The Sunflower can potentially stimulate orgasm, benefiting the pelvic floor. With 10 vibration modes and water resistance, the Sunflower can also be used underwater.

2. Hyacinth:

Hyacinth tool can also be used for the pelvic floor by massaging the external muscles of the pelvic floor with the tool as well as the clitoris. You can also place the tool in the groin or on the inner thigh, here pressure and vibrations can provide relaxation. Also the abdominal muscles, buttock or the lateral sides of
the lower back can be massaged with this tool. Thus, this tool can combine relaxing massage techniques for the pelvic floor with sexual pleasure. With 10 vibration modes and water resistance, the Hyacinth can also be used underwater.

3. Iris:

With three different controllable motors, the Iris tool is versatile for the pelvis. The pulsating movements when inserted stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, there is also an option to vibrate the tool. The middle motor targets the back of the clitoris, while the bottom with an opening can stimulate the external part of the clitoris. The tool can use the tip to target the muscles around the vagina, make this area less sensitive or treat any trigger points. The first part of the tool also has an angle that you can use to stretch the vagina entrance with. With 10 vibration modes and water resistance, the Iris tool is suitable for use in the bath or shower.

4. Lupin:

The Lupin tool is suitable for general pelvic floor training. Place the tool in the groin, above the pubic bone and along the vulva. For cramps/trigger points, the tip of the Lupin can be used to touch the muscles around the vagina entrance to release any trigger points through massage and vibration. In addition, the tip of the Lupin can be inserted to stretch the vagina. The tool can be used for vaginistic complaints to practice insertion, so the pointed shape allows you to start narrow and build up in thickness. . With 10 vibration modes and water resistance, the Lupin can also be used in water environments.


It is very important to always do these exercises in consultation with a practitioner, such as a pelvic physiotherapist, gynecologist, family doctor or other health care provider who has knowledge and expertise about the pelvic floor. This practitioner can create a treatment and exercise plan that fits your individual needs and health situation. It is also advisable to seek professional medical advice when in doubt or discomfort. With any exercise, it is essential to choose a place where you feel comfortable and comfortable, and do not forget to pay attention to breathing, because breathing is also related to the pelvic floor muscles. Relaxation is therefore very important

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