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Our personal Filo online diary for you to explore. We have a lot of different topics we would love to share information about. Educational, informative or inspiring topics. We would like you to know everything there is to know about you as a woman, your body and our mission at Filo. Besides us sharing stories with you, we also make space for our Filo members and invite you to share your story with us (this can also be anonymously if you prefer), but let us all help each other by sharing.

We have received several inspiring stories from woman on different topics that you can find on the blog pages. We will start sharing the introduction stories of our team of experts, who support Filo in different ways and we start with, introducing our doktor Tom and more stories will follow from our gynecologist,
psychologist, sexologist, educational expert and health and life style coach. But if you have any questions for them do not hesitate to ask your through our Facebook group or the website!

We will keep you updated on news, new products and
developments, as well as information on specific topics that might interest you. Of course we will start sharing user experiences as soon as possible and will keep updating these.

Enjoy reading…