Meet our Filo experts

Our Dedicated Team of Experts

We have the privilege of being able to count on the support of a passionate and expert team of specialists. Together we strive to make a difference in the lives of women at all stages of life. Meet the professionals committed to supporting women in understanding, discovering and embracing their bodies:

Pelvic floor therapists: Our pelvic floor therapists specialize in understanding and treating the complex aspects of the pelvic area. They provide targeted care to prevent, treat and alleviate any pelvic floor problems.

Biologists: Our biologists contribute to a scientific approach to female well-being. They are involved in research and development, and their expertise contributes to the creation of cutting-edge tools and programs.



Our sexologists bring a deep understanding of sexuality and intimacy. They are committed to guiding women on their journey to healthy sexual health and wellness.

Our Joint Mission:

At My Own Filo we share a common mission: supporting women at all stages of life. Whether you are entering adulthood, in the midst of childbearing years, or embracing the wisdom of menopause, our team is here to help.

Together with us, take care for women to a higher level: The My Own Filo team is driven by the shared desire to improve care for women. Our specialists are here to provide you with the best possible support on your unique journey through life

Get to Know Us:

Explore the faces behind My Own Filo and discover how our specialists are committed to helping women connect deeply with their bodies. We invite you to learn more about each member of our dedicated team and how they contribute to our mission. My Own Filo is there for you. Stay up to date with the latest news and insights around female wellbeing by visiting our website regularly. We look forward to working with you on your journey to a life of health, self-discovery and self-confidence.